Thursday, March 29, 2012

We Went to the Killing Fields.

On Monday we went to the Killing Fields.  Look it up.  You won't believe it. 

I was not completely aware of the magnitude of cruelty and brutality that occurred among the people I love so much.  As much as I dreaded it, I knew it was something I needed to know and understand .  As I learned, I experienced some powerful emotions: 

1) Extreme anger 

2) An intensified love and compassion for the Cambodian people. I saw the death toll not as numbers but as the faces of our investigators and the members enduring something so horrific. It made me physically sick.

3) Then I felt surprisingly peaceful. I knew all of those that were lost, were taken back to a loving Father in Heaven.  He has a plan for them. I feel grateful to serve here among such humble people who have suffered so much.

It is confusing to contemplate that what happened here was even possible.  Especially that so many children were killed.  It was eye opening in every way and made me realize how precious and tender human life is. Words don't do any good when I try to express what I saw and felt here.  I hope you will look up the Pol Pot regime to honor those that senselessly lost their lives and those left behind.

We had incredible experiences this week. I love my mission so much. I wouldn't rather be anywhere else. I feel like I'm truly coming into my own and beginning to understand who the Lord wants me to be.

I love you guys. Thanks for the Emails!

Elder Nelson

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  1. Thanks for this powerful posting. God bless you, Elder Nelson.