Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm a father of a new baby boy! I'm training!

This week was crazy. No, there was no bugs in my stomach or near deathaccidents, but I've finally become a father! Its super fun, I absolutely love it. I remember the first week in the country thinking to myself "I cant wait to train" So here I am!

My new companion: He reigns from the suburbs of Dallas Texas. He's about 5'2". Black hair and the Cambodians say he has "Indian features" He is an absolute genius! He got a 5 on the AP calculus and physics B and C tests. He also got a 5 on the computer engineering test... He didn't study for it he just figured he'd try it. He got a 5 on a few
other AP tests but I'm drawing a blank. haha He's super intelligent. He wants to be an electrical engineer. He said, "I don't know if you are familiar with people that want to become Electrical Engineers, but I fit the profile. You know, real quiet and make friends by looking at my shoes." He's super funny I love him. He's invented some
of the coolest things I've ever heard of... such a stud.

I had him put one of our investigators on date for baptism... it was awesome! It was the only thing he was able to say that lesson, but he got it out and they accepted! so sweet.

The picky eating will change eventually, I just want his first week of transition to be easy.

He left some candy out and there was literally thousands of ants on his desk when we got home.

He is a stud. I love him. Whenever someone makes fun of his language or says something to him I get super protective. I love thekid so much.

The new church building is almost finished! So this week we'll be meeting in a new building. I'm really excited for it because we haven't had a church to meet in for a while.

Other exciting news.

The area authority Elder Kong is doing interviews by special request and I was one of 3 from our zone that were chosen. One on one with the General Authority... pretty cool opportunity.

I'm the youngest Elder thats training an American right now, the other 2 in my group that are training are with Khmers. I feel honored.

Thats all I've got. I love you all so much!

Elder Nelson

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