Monday, October 1, 2012

Isaac and the Centipede

It was another fun week. We had 2 baptisms last Sunday. We baptized Issac, the man from Nigeria and Patro, the man from Mexico. Issac has learned for 3 weeks, and Patro has learned for about 6 months. It's interesting how the teaching process is different for different people.  It was a special service. The Spirit was very strong. It was also cool performing the ordinance in English. It was funny because right before I was to baptize Issac we were standing behind the font in the hallway. He was getting pretty pumped, swaying back and forth and clapping his hands.  It reminded me of what I used to do in High school before football games. I suddenly realized I didn't know his full name. So I quickly asked him, "Issac, what's your full name?" He looked at me, snickered and said, "Don't worry about it my brotha Nelson, just call me Mr. Isaac". I thought that was funny, but  I insisted I needed it to properly perform the baptism.  He told me his name was Issac jeh-tae-fook-ae-goo-guo. I don't know much about the language in Nigeria but I'd say I  learned a little bit that day. The first time I said it he was like, "nah brotha, that's not it. You gotta get some rhythm in it." He started bobbing up and down nodding his head and saying his name while using his hand to pronounce it more clearly. Then we started going back and forth and saying it back and forth, and every time he said it a little bit louder until I was saying it right.  Funny stuff right before a baptism in the hallway while everyone was waiting.  I love Isaac.

We went out to "USA Doughnut" yesterday. Its run by someone who used to work in the U.S, came back to Cambodia and opened his own shop. He sells good tasting doughnuts and burgers. On this day, I decided to get the club sandwich for a change. It looked pretty good, and when I got it,  I have to admit, I was pretty excited. Right before I took the first bite, I had a thought to see what exactly they put in this sandwich. I paused, put the sandwich in front of my face and looked through it for a little bit. While I was looking, I saw 2 little, wiggling antennae sticking out one end. I chuckled and turned to Elder Ott and said "Hey Elder, check this out, glad I didn't eat my sandwich right away!"  I thought It was just a little bug or something, Not that big of a deal.  Certainly not enough to stop me from eating it once it was pulled out.  Elder Kuhn said, "Hey, let me check that out." We were surprised to see when I unfolded the lettuce there was a 4 inch centipede in my sandwich! I guess that's where I draw the line.  I showed the lady that worked there and told her I wasn't hungry anymore. She understood. The restaurant owner came out and told me he would buy me a donut. I insisted that I wasn't hungry anymore and we left. I'm pretty sure he put it in there on purpose. The lettuce was washed, but somehow there was a centipede with red legs, tucked neatly in the middle of my carefully folded lettuce. Confusing.

Everything is going well. AP life is a lot different. 

This week Elder Ott and I are heading out to the Provinces so we leave Monday and get back Saturday. We take  buses and stay at elders houses. It will be a blast. We will go to Battambong, Siem Reap, Kampong Cham, and Kampong Thom. An adventure. It will be fun to proselyte in my first area.

I love you all 

Elder Nelson 

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