Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Narnia Path

Hello Family

We found a new investigator named Si Don. She is a referral from a member.  The member took us there that night and we followed him down a magical bike path. We decided to call it "Narnia Path" because you go through this hidden alley way and then suddenly it opens up to miles and miles of rice fields that I never knew were there. The first night we went out there the sunset was unbelievable and we  ended up riding right into the sunset. It was an incredible feeling. I didn't know what to do with myself. It would blow away any desktop background ever produced. I never knew I could ever see something that beautiful. I wanted to start  dancing or running or SOMETHING! It was a great feeling. When we got to the referral's home, the woman came out and announced to her family, "The 2 messengers from heaven are already here!" We had a sweet lesson. The great news is, after continuing to teach Si Don, she has committed to baptism!  Our lessons with her take place with the most beautiful backdrop during the day.  300 yards of fice field, then a jungle with a meandering stream.  Sometimes there is the BIGGEST moon you have ever seen which makes the night very bright.  It's one of my favorite locations here.

I'm still safe in outrageous flooding and absolutely loving my mission.... we are anticipating the biggest storm in years to hit next week. Should be fun. 

I had the opportunity to go to the city last week for a couple days, which was great. My companion had a Zone Leader conference so I got to spend the day with 3 of the elders in my MTC group. We planned, then went and finally got me a new suit.  Both of mine were lost. (long story)  I'll be able to pick it up on the 21st so that will be exciting. 

Conference weekend was amazing.  I've been spoiled watching conference in the past, with pancakes, couches, pillows and blankets, on a big TV. This time we watched in a humid Primary room sitting on plastic chairs and the AC was broken. The TV cut out half way through so we had to finish it on a 12" DVD player. Very funny. Despite all of that, I enjoyed conference more than ever. 

VI Chai who I've mentioned before (he was the one who was inactive for a long time and saw us on the road with bike problems and helped open up his whole village... he lives across the street from Angkor Wat, remember?)  His wife is learning and loving the Gospel. She's awesome and their family sits in the front row every Sunday. They have 2 of the CUTEST kids I've ever seen. Makes me very, very excited to be a father someday. 

Like I've said before, the first missionary lesson is tricky to teach people in Cambodia. The whole concept of God is foreign to them.  Then, a great idea come to me of how I could teach it better!

 This is it!  I make a comparison between my father on earth and my Father in Heaven. Then, I explain it this way: 

Obviously, I know that my father on earth loves me very much. Before I came to Cambodia I lived with him. I talked with him. He loved me and would do whatever he could to help me progress and be happy. Right now I'm in Cambodia, away from him for a small time. I know that he still loves me. Every week I can email him, and he shows me his love and offers me encouragement back through regular emails. When I'm struggling I know that all he wants to do is help me, and when I'm doing well it makes him very happy.  I have faith that after my mission I will go back and be with him and my family. I know he will still love me and meet me with open arms. 

Our Father in Heaven is the same way. We lived with him for eternities before our life on earth. We knew him. We talked with him. All he wanted to do was to help his children progress and be happy. He made a plan for us to come to earth for a short time to accomplish this. While we are away from his presence we are still able to have a relationship with him. He is able to help us whenever we ask. Instead of email it is prayer. He is all powerful and will do anything to help his children. He's there to encourage us when we struggle and rejoice with us when we succeed. Although we cannot see him right now, we can feel his love and be influenced by his help. We know that we will only be away from Him for a short time. But after this life, we will meet him again. His face will be familiar to us, and he will welcome us with open arms. 

It was a powerful lesson, and the investigator understood. 

I love you all! Hope everything is well, I miss you!

Elder Nelson