Monday, October 15, 2012

Sam found me my first, real sister?

Wow! Sam is engaged! That's awesome! That will be cool to come back to. Happy to add Lauren to the family! Wow. A real sister... 

This week was busy. Things have slowed down in the office quite a bit but whenever we have any free time we  will proselyte as much as we can. We are baptizing 2 people this week. 

Another amazing experiences. We went to Issac's house yesterday and he came down the stairs to his house  very excited. He yelled to us "Get up here brothas, I got somethin to show you!" So elder Ott goes up first and goes inside, then out of the window I hear, "Brotha Nelson get in here my brotha, I'm tellin you. I am an anointed one!" So we go upstairs and he told us a long story about how he was almost robbed a couple nights ago. He ends up going through the whole house and showing us everything the robber could have taken. Wifi Router, DVD player. His 2 phones, computer. Everything. Nothing was even touched. I guess what happened was that he forgot to bring his clothes in from drying outside. So that night a Cambodian man saw it and went to go steal his clothes. Then he the found the door wasn't locked and came in to steal everything. He had taken one of Issac's shirts, laid it on the floor, and then started putting all speakers and things in order to wrap it up and get out. And then he went into Issac's room and started going through Issac's stuff. At which point Issac says, "God woke me up!" and when he opened his eyes the thief turned around and fled it out the balcony and off the 18 foot roof, and ran away. Pretty crazy story. Issac still can't believe nothing was stolen. He had to have been in the house for over 10 minutes and didn't put anything in his pocket. Even his wallet his 2 phones his passport were still there. 

He is so awesome. I love Issac so much. His faith is incredible. I will not be surprised if he ends up being a general authority someday. He is so excited about being baptized.

One thing. If you could keep Darhnin Amil and Morali in your prayers it would be so nice. They are the refugees from Sri Lanka. They have such great faith.  They are a week late on their house payment and literally have no money. It could be taken away soon. They faithfully read their Book of Mormon everyday. They show up to church in a white shirt and tie. (though I don't know where they got them) And they are great member help. It makes me sad to see such great people struggle to that degree. They are remarkable members of the church. 

Love you guys! 

Elder Nelson 

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  1. Thank you for posting! Love reading the further adventures of Luke! Congratulations to Sam!