Thursday, March 22, 2012

Almost Christmas!

Letter from Dec 20, 2011

Our Christmas corner with treasures from home.
Oh man, its almost Christmas and it didn't hit me until i got all the emails with people wishing me Merry Christmas! The only Christmas here is in our bedroom and the skimpy Christmas lights hung up outside of KFC. (In the white handbook it says to limit the times you eat fast food in a week, its funny, because we save up money to eat at KFC because its the only clean place to eat food in our area.)

This week will be the best week! Our area is doing very well right now. We're teaching 6 families, and 2 of them came to church. One of them, I'm convinced, will be a Stake president one day. He got in an argument about the power of repentance with one of the really old stubborn members, and totally showed him up. It was awesome. He has such strong faith its amazing. 

So I'm doing good. No illnesses, a couple scrapes from the moto accident but they're almost all healed. I've become quite the cook and when I got my mission money again we went to the Khmer market and bought a ton of food (rice vegetables eggs meat etc. etc.) I have been throwing down the biggest, best stir fries lately. I'm actually getting to be a pretty good cook, My companion really likes that I'm going through a big cooking phase.  He just puts the rice in the rice cooker and sits, and waits. Its kind of funny. P.S. Sorry mom for never doing the dishes, I realize now how frustrating it is to do the cooking and the dishes. It's my new pet peeve.

The areas doing good, we had 59 people at church last week so that numbers going up, we met with the relief society president and her family and they went to church for the first time in a while. They're actually doing really good now, we're going to their house on Christmas to have a FHE and play Uno. It will be really fun. They have the potential to be awesome members. 

The language is coming along. I still get compliments almost everyday from locals. But every once in a while I say something and they will just look at me with a completely blank face. I improve everyday. I'm at a point where its finally fun to be in this country and speak Cambodian.

I found a Christmas decoration!
My companion and I are performing in the talent show he's singing, "├ľne more sleep til Christmas" in a kermit the frog voice while I accompany him on the piano. 

We are also performing the song for our zone. We're performing it to the tune let it snow let it snow let it snow. I'm singing while he does a background, jazzy bass line, beat box thing. Its super funny. Here's the lyrics: 

Well the heat outside is frightful
The air conditioning is so delightful
Your companion is moving slow
(Elder) Its time to go time to go time to go 

The city streets are pretty busy
You think how did that tuk tuk just miss me 
You're energy is running low
Oh how I wish I had a moto

When you finally call it a night
Back to the house and you lock up the door
Oh your stomach just doesn't feel right
And you remember that mii chaa from before!

Sick for your holiday in Cambodia 
Just ask elder Edmunds and be glad it's not an amoeba
Tonight you hope that your dreams will show...
Let it snow let it snow let it snow

So there you go. 

I'm all set up for Christmas. Oh! the branch President called me and asked me to prepare the christmas day sacrament meeting, So we're doing a thing where we read a scripture then sing a christmas song etc. I'm having a blast preparing for it. 

Everything is going well here. I'm happy healthy and having a blast. 

Elder Nelson
Mission Christmas picture

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