Friday, March 23, 2012

There are sad times too.

This week was kind of a downer. We were getting this family ready for baptism (Janton) I talked about him earlier. I honestly think he will be one of the first stake presidents in Cambodia. But his work told him that he had to go to Kampong Cham for work. So we showed up to his house yesterday after church to finish reviewing the baptismal interview questions and to get him ready for baptism.. and he just wasn't there. His wife was just like. Oh he just had to go to Kampong Cham for a while.. he'll be back in like 3 months... super super frustrating. (Kampong cham is like 3 hours bus ride away. 

And then we heard that another family had to stop learning because her husband didn't want him them to learn anymore. We go over and visit them on the train tracks. When we get there she was sitting on the train tracks shaving Chayas head with an old exacto blade because his head was bleeding from lice. We start talking to her and she says that her husband says that she needs to worship her ancestors. and if she doesn't it means she doesn't love him. So she said she could learn but couldn't get baptized. I was frustrated but I canwork through it. And then all the sudden her drunk neighbor comes out of his house and starts yelling at her about how Jesus Christ wasn't true and started cussing her out. And she was all calm and then all the sudden she just started shaking and lost it. She stood up and started yelling at him. They were really mad at each other. And then the guy went up and tried to steal her husbands cart to push around and collect garbage for money. And she tried to stop him and he just dragged it down this ledge and slams it in the middle of the road. And THEN this guy on a moto came up and started yelling at the drunk guy. He gets off his moto and throws the cart off to the side. And then they start swearing at each other. And then our investigator got involved, it was chaos. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a big fight. But I just looked at Elder Nielsen and said. Dude. we gotta get outta here. And we left. Its really depressing because she has so much faith. She used to walk 40 minutes to church while stopping along the way to throw up blood because she was so sick. Such a trooper. I have faith that at a later day she'll be baptized. 

And then the other day we're riding down the train tracks and there's all these people in blue boy scout suits and army uniforms walking around with big AK 47's and other guns with really ticked off looks on their faces.. Looks like the cock fighting arena got busted. 

We were riding our bikes through them and then all the sudden one just stands in front of me holding his gun up and pointing. I came to a stop and was pretty nervous but surprisingly calm and just smiled and said, "Hey whats up?"  In Cambodian. He started laughing and yelled to his buddies, "This french guy knows khmer!" And then they all started gathering around and I started totally joking around with them. And then I said, "Well, looks like I gotta go, I'm late for an appointment."  The original guy with the gun says...forgot to tell you...your kick stand is down. Whew!. 
I have to say, I'm glad the cock fighting arena was shut down.

Cock fighting arena.

We're teaching a family with two people over 70 years old. They're super nice and so cute!  It's sad though because they introduced us to their son, who I guess was a very succesful tour guide until 3 months ago. He got in a moto accident and now he's blind, his wife left him, he has a 2 inch deep dent in his forehead, and he can't use his left arm. He speaks suprisingly good english but I don't think he's all there. He laughs like the big guy from the Goonies. And, everytime I say something He says, "That's all right" In an encouraging voice. Its hard to explain.  I love him. I shared my testimony about the importance of prophets on the earth today. And the spirit was strong and I left it quiet for a second. Then he suddenly interrupts, chuckles for a second and says, "thats all right man" Everybody started laughing and it was great. 

I absolutely love my mission. Its insanely hard, physically, mentally, and emotionally. But the people here are amazing and you wouldn't believe the kinds of experiences I'm having. This gospel is true. It changes lives eternally. I know it without out a doubt. I have literally seen lives saved because of it.  

Much love

Elder Nelson 

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