Saturday, March 24, 2012

Strong Faith of Sovann

Letter from Feb 5, 2012

It feels good to be healthy and hitting the pavement again. My companion still had to come in and rest sometimes but we were still able to get some work done. 

We're starting to earn the trust of the members. When they can trust us we see so much more success. 

We are continuing to teach this man named Sovann. I think I mentioned him before. He's awesome. A moto hit him in an accident 12 years ago and was in a coma for 3 months. During the 3 months people took everything he had, his wife left him and he woke up in a hospital room all alone. He's blind in one eye and almost completely blind in the other. He can't use the right half of his body, and has a big dent in his forehead. He's amazing though. He says that after the accident he started going to a christian church because he knows that God saved his life. He said in 12 years he has only missed 4 Sundays of church. He has such amazing faith. 

So a couple weeks ago we picked him up on Sunday morning and he rode on the back of my bike. We had to stop a few times to readjust but we eventually got to church. The whole time he was there he said that it was so peaceful and that it just felt different from other churches that he had been to.  

He accepted the invitation to be baptized. he needs to have a ride to church first so he's working on that. But he is one of my favorite people I have ever met. He LOVES Jesus Christ. 

I have never met someone with such strong faith in my entire life. He has the whole branch rallying around him. He is exactly what the members here need. 

I love my mission so much. Everyday is an adventure that I wouldn't trade for the world.

Im safe healthy, skinny, sunburned and happy
Much Love

Elder Nelson 

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