Friday, July 6, 2012

Look Ta Say is a Baller.

Another good week. Elder Blocker and I kept ourselves busy and were pretty efficient. We had 45 lessons, 8 investigators at church and 1 baptism. Not bad. There's this one guy, Lookta Say, and he's "a baller," he is 77 years old. I feel like he was the reason I came to Pochentong.

His story: 

So about 4 1/2 months ago Elder Nielsen and I were teaching an inactive member of the branch presidency, Om Non. We'd been hoping to find new investigators and towards the end of the lesson we were about to say the closing prayer and I looked at him and said, "Om Non, there is someone down this street that the Lord has prepared to be baptized." He kind of laughed and didn't say anything. We said the closing prayer and then stayed for a couple minutes and talked with the family. Apparently, Om Non had secretly snuck out and a few minutes later came back and said. "Elders, I found him!"  Elder Nielsen and I looked at each other and started to laugh a little bit but we followed Om Non out the door. He said he had left because he suddenly remembered hearing that there was an old guy who believed in Christ, just down the street. He went over there and told him that he needed to meet with some missionaries from our church. He was very strong in another church and wouldn't really listen to anything we said. But, it was obvious he had great faith. So Elder Nielsen and I decided to continue teaching him.  His name is Lookta Say. 

He started to progress more and more and things came up that were difficult, going to church, reading in the B.O.M. The usual things. There were several times when Elder Nielsen and I came very close to dropping him. But we would always pray about it and feel like we really needed to keep meeting him. 

Then, things started falling into place. He prayed about the B.O.M and had a dream that it was true. Priesthood blessings were given to his wife, and the church ended moving to an area closer to his house. 

He started to walk to church every week. He started following the commandments and then things just started to take off. 

It's been wonderful seeing his progression in the Gospel. His testimony of Jesus Christ is so strong, his faith is remarkable. 
His baptism was one of my favorite days in the mission. He was so happy when he came out of the water and you could see the light in his eyes.

No mail came last week for Khmer New Year so we're expecting a lot today. 

A couple days ago there was this guy buying food on the street. He was wearing a seahawks jersey. (first one I've seen in Cambodia) and so I went up and asked to take a picture with him. 

Other than that. Pretty normal week. A lot of hard work. I've had a really bad stuffy nose/sore throat/ ear aches this week. It lasted the entire week and I always felt like I was out of energy. Elder Blocker really did help me out a lot. Such a stud. 

I love you guys. This gospel is true. Jesus is the Christ. He is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. 

Elder Nelson 

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